September 14

Term 3 Science

In 4/5 Stone we have been doing science. In science we have been learning about liquid, solids and gases. One of the activities we have recently done is called tissue in the cup, an air bubble protects the tissue and when it comes out the tissue is completely dry. Another one of the activities is where we had to grab some every day things and we would have to see if it was a liquid or a solid. My favourite one was the runny race which we used honey and oil, we got to see which one was faster. Over all we have learnt what a solid,liquid and a gas is. I would like to say thanks to Mrs Stone for teaching me about science while

June 16

Narrative Poetry

The Leaf

The leaf sat alone on  tree,

The beautiful orange leaf sat upon the sunset,

Wondering where his friends have gone,

Nearly ready to fall but not yet


The wind is coming,

Whistling howling for a sigh of relief,

Maybe just maybe I will have a friend,

I stay in the park looking down on the other leaves,


Here comes the wind time to say good bye,

Here I go drifting bye.


April 5

Easter Holidays

Fun! Fun! Fun! So these school holidays have been fantastic. But I have 2 problems with the school holidays, and you might agree with me or maybe you don’t. Number 1: I personlly think that the school holidays do not go on for long enough. Because to me it feels like it was only yesterday when the school holidays began. But instead of starting unfortunately the school holidays is finishing.


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Not sure about you but I am not excited about going back to school. Because since I am in grade 5 (five) I now get home work. Yipee not.


Number 2: there is getting less and less time to hang out with my friends. Have you been to a friends house or have they came to your house? Was it a party or was it just something like a sleepover? There is one last question. Did you go to a park or not? if you did at least one of these tell me why.


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Bye! Bye!



March 21


This term my class have been doing work on narratives. If you want to write a narrative you will need: the orientation ( witch introduces the characters, the setting and the time). The complication ( witch should be the biggest paragraph of your narrative, you need 3 problems, 2 that lead up to the red A.K.A the main problem).  Last but not least your resolution ( witch includes the solution).


The Colours For A Narrative

Orientation= Orange

Complication= Pink/ Red

Resolution= Green

March 18

My Pledge

Here is my pledge. I pledge to help stop bullying for once and for all. Because there are so many people over the world who get bullied every day, and as you might know Today is anti bullying day. Once again I would like to stop bullying once and for all, and I hope you will make a pledge with me. Thank You For Listening to my pledge.

March 16


lakelakesailsailingToday the 3-6’s went sailing. We went to the Bendigo Yacht Club, we all did at least 2 games each, talked about the yacht parts, these are the yacht body parts. There is the front of the yacht witch is called the bow, the back of the yacht called the stern, the left side of the yacht called the port and the right side called the starboard. We also learnt many other parts.

Witch are the , the main sheet, the mast, the boom, the tiller, the rudder, the vang and the dagger board, later there will be information about what they do. But here is the best part, we got to go in little yachts. Okay I’m going to admit it’s not as good as going in a big yacht the real deal. But the best thing is that you get to steer the little yachts with a partner. It was so much fun.

Any way the main sail catches the wind, the main sheet makes you go fast and slow, the boom is attached to the main sail, the tiller is kind of like the steering wheel except it is on a yacht, the rudder is what makes you go east north south and west, the vang connects to the mask and the boom it holds the boom up, and last but not least the dagger board. The dagger board makes you go straight. It was amazing. Wednesday (witch is today) my whole group learnt a couple more games. There was Nappy run and  Wheel burrower race.

We had to pack, Bathers, a swimming shirt that would cover your shoulders. Today with sailing there were these little waves but to me they felt like massive waves from a massive boat. Sophie and I were extremely scared. But other than that it was amazing. Unfortunately today was the last day. I really enjoyed sailing and I would really like to do it again, except with one of my friends. My favourite game was nappy run witch was also the funniest game of all. Us 3-6’s went out to a part of Lake Eppalock and we all had so much fun. But a few partners cap sized. I think I will say it for everyone who went. It was amazing. I think it was a excellent chance to learn how to sail.

March 11

The Ultimate Playground

today 4/5 Stone finished the structure of our own ultimate playground. We took the next step of the designing process. I think we all enjoyed it, I think that it was amazing. we had to do a compliment sandwich and for those of you that don’t know what a compliment sandwich is it is where you have to say something nice about it and then something that they need to work on and then another compliment.